“You can conquer all your marketing “giants” when you have the right sort of information to make smart choices.”

Regardless of your sector or size of the company, digital marketing is an excellent approach to advertise yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re a tiny brick-and-mortar shop in the local plaza or a huge e-commerce site that ships things via mail. The bottom line is that in today’s fast-paced internet environment, all companies looking to grow should utilize digital marketing methods.

Although there are numerous digital marketing strategies available to help you grow your revenue, the fact is that they do not all work equally well. Fortunately, we’ve got your back (and the experience) and know which techniques work best. So, if you’re seeking a never-fail digital marketing approach, you’re in good fortune.  Keep reading for three techniques to win digital marketing in 2022.

Adrian Seow

Dubbed one of the best-minds in IQI, Adrian Seow is frequently commended for his ability to master technology and utilising it to achieve results. As an engineer graduating from Canada, Adrian took the unconventional route of going into the property line and straying away from his educational roots.

Regardless, he has continuously proven himself despite starting in a field which was foreign to him. Now boasting one of the biggest teams in IQI Eliteone, Adrian continues to impress with and outstanding track record in sales achieved within a very short period.

Sharing his knowledge on the know-hows of integrating sales and social media strategies, Adrian shared 3 ways to win digital marketing in 2022

3 Different Ways to Make Your Ads

Run Better

Be Different

Really, it’s a disappointment. Many entrepreneurs and real estate consultant devote time and money to producing, editing, and creating good advertisements. All to raise awareness about the products or services they offer. However, none of them are receiving any attention. However, there is a workable option. You need to be different to deliver your message. There are two best ways to do this.

Focus on your message

An ad with no clear message is a gamble. You must identify what is most important to your business shortly and who you are trying to reach with your message. Lack of clarity around your goal or trying to achieve too many goals at once can result in poor results.

Pay Attention to Infographics/design

The content has gotten better in almost every way. Some of the greatest digital marketers make ads with amazing design and infographics to capture viewers’ interest. To increase customer engagement, you must stand out with more engaging design and material.

Try a New Platform

“As many entrepreneurs and real estate consultant are using Facebook, alternative social networks, such as Tik-Tok, Snap Chat, or YouTube, are becoming much more enticing due to comparatively low-maintenance and user-friendly advertising methods.”

People nowadays are heavily reliant on social media sites, particularly Facebook. It is the first name that comes to mind when you think of social media. In terms of potential audiences, Facebook appears to be the ultimate haven for companies. Unfortunately, the golden period of advertising your product on Facebook has passed, especially if you manage a small business. It has been more and more difficult to reach that audience through the platform. Even if you do succeed, getting them to engage is another affair.

On the other side, if you’re a skilled and creative marketer, you can make attractive videos and optimize for SEO to expand your brand and gain a devoted following of YouTube and Tik-Tok viewers. So, always be on the lookout for new or different platforms to try.

Revisit Your Leads

“Rather than continually chasing new clients, it may be more economical to revisit old leads.”

Your old clients may undoubtedly be a significant source of revenue. The reason is straightforward. They are familiar with your company and its policies, and if they have previously purchased from you, they are more inclined to do so again in the future. But the question is, how can you recover your customers? There are three possibilities for doing so:

Keep Good Record Of Your Customers

If you keep detailed records of all of your clients, you should be aware of their purchasing habits and may use that information in your follow-up activities. If you don’t have a solid system in place to handle and save all of your client information, you should set one in place right now to help you remain on top of things in the future and renew your professional relationships.

Keep the experience fresh and relevant

Give your consumers a reason to return to you. Continue to refine and improve your offers, and remember to convey what’s new to existing consumers. Changes and upgrades provide you with even more reasons to communicate with your clientele.

Make it easy for customers to reach you

Don’t send them through a long and complex chain of menu options before they are allowed to have a person on the line. Make the point of replying to social media comments, emails, and phone messages as soon as possible.