Social Media has changed the way businesses reached their target audience in past. It has made the process free flowing for marketers especially the follow up with prospect clients.

Every big or small company is trying their best to create a digital presence and reach masses through internet, specifically Social Media. This surge of Social Media has made it extremely competitive too on the other hand. In this article it will be discussed further in more detail in coming paragraphs.


Dubbed one of the best-minds in IQI, Jenny Thang is frequently commended for his ability to master her personal branding and utilising it to achieve results. As an experienced training development manager with a demonstrated history of working in the financial services industry, Jenny took the unconventional route of going into the property line and straying away from his educational roots.

Regardless, he has continuously proven himself despite starting in a field. Jenny continues to impress with and outstanding track record in sales achieved within a very short period by leveraging on social media.

Sharing his knowledge on the know-hows of integrating sales and social media strategies, Jenny presented her take on how to leveraging on social media to build trust and follow up the prospects.

How to Stand Out with Strong Follow Up:

Before diving deep into the tips that you can leverage on for strong follow up Here are some strong habits to develop to make you stand out from the competition:

Remind Them of Your Existence:

Your clients must be reminded at all times that you EXIST within this industry. They need to see you every once in a while here and there.

You Are Capable of Doing the Project:

Make sure your clients and potential clients know what you are capable of. Build value and make them understand how you are the best fit for their project.

Show Them That They Made The Right Choice:

Remind them every now and then that they have made the correct choice in giving you the project.

Give Them Reasons to Like You:

Build trust with them; give them a reason or two to like you. They will be dealing with you quite often, make sure they like to deal with you.

Tips That You Can Leverage on to Follow Up Closely and

Building Trust:

Here are the ultimate tips that will help you in building trust and make your follow ups bear fruits like never before:

1. Speak Differently – Tonality:

No matter if you are meeting them in person or talking over a phone call, maintain a friendly and positive tonality. We know that these are just basic manners everyone should possess, but believe us people take this for granted and then never hear back from the client.

When you talk to someone, you are taking some precious time of theirs. This is the opportunity that you have probably been waiting for and you might not get it again as well, so make sure to maintain a decent voice tonality and make the moment count by letting them know why you are calling in the best possible way.

Another great way to speak differently that we find extremely helpful, is sharing a thought using “Third Party Perspective”.  Now what is “Third Party Perspective”? Well, people are getting smarter day by day and they don’t buy it anymore when salesperson is sugarcoating their company how they are best company in the world and all that.  Tell them how someone bought yourself because of this good thing about your company. Give them real examples of other people, to say it simply.

And last but not the least, show them you care and show some empathy. This will certainly help in gaining their confidence and seem different than other companies.

2. Script Your Template Differently:

Don’t go to your clients with default templates, they have already heard that so many times. Instead try something new, new in a sense that it differentiates you.

Send a personalized message to your clients as per their needs and interests. If you are unaware of those somehow, simply say something that doesn’t make you sound like a robot.

You can try using common words and conversational tone that makes the pitch sound like you are simply talking to someone instead of a pitch that sounds repetitive, overused and boring.

3. Introduce Yourself Differently:

Another important thing to remember is that no one wants to deal with a person they don’t trust, and the best way to gain someone’s trust is to introduce you honestly.

You can try several things for this purpose, especially whatever suits you and your client.

We, on the other hand have found sharing your other social media profiles in your posts and messages when you are interacting with a client or potential client.

You can also record a video introduction to share with your client which will boost their confidence a lot. Seeing someone talk does wonders in developing confidence, compared to reading a written message.

4. Leverage on “Voice Note”:

It is understandable and everyone would agree that it is difficult to convey emotions accurately via a text message.  A great way to break this barrier is to send voice notes to your clients.

We have found this extremely helpful and believe you can too. After sending the template right and sharing an introduction video, a voice note further adds to the confidence of your client.

Voice is a great medium of communication; you can use pauses, deep voice, and laughs here and there to make the listener understand your emotions better. So when the client isn’t answering the phone, drop a sweet voicemail to let them know why you called.

5. Leverage on Video or Screen Recording:

Another helpful tool in this digital age is a “Video”. This can be an explainer video, a screen recording, a how-to video or anything that helps.

You can share video of the locations that might interest your client instead of telling them on call about how it looks like.

You can also use sneak peak video by showing your face to explain something. This is done by big brands all the time as it builds trust and brand image.

6. Social Media Branding: Building Trust and Creating More Exposure:

Social Media branding is the absolute game changer, not just for people in Real Estate, but in fact for everyone out there.

You can also make the post of social media platforms by building a personal brand and gaining more trust of your clients. It is crucial for your brand identity, be it TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter or any other popular platform, it is just need of the hour to be present everywhere for your clients and new prospects.