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Our members and their successes are as diverse as can be. But there’s one thing they all have in common: they found a career they never expected.

We know you know IQI Eliteone. But what you don’t know is just how successful you could be here too. We’re a place where every members truly believe in the success of each other and have great pride in what they accomplish together.

Listen to their stories and learn why working at Eliteone is so much more than a job.

Our Trainings and Sharing Sessions


Terrific Tuesday (TT)

IQI Warriors Training Day whereby external super coach will come over to give warrior style training.

Eliteone Academy (EA)

A day to improve both your knowledge and technical skills. We will cover real estate and general topics. Both sales related or non-related soft skills included.

Wed Elite Training (WET)

Highly capable real estate leaders will come over to share with us their personal experience and knowledge with regards to real estate career.

New REN Training

An incubator for new warrior to grow and to improve on the way to the real battle ground.

Training Platform

In IQI Eliteone, we value advancement of knowledge and technical skills through education. Through our weekly learning activities, we want everyone in Eliteone to be better off everyday, not just in property knowledge, but in many other areas in life as well.

Work Life Integration

Work life integration. In IQI Eliteone, we value enjoyment of life as much as achievements of targets.

– Dave Chong

Instagram Story Lead Generation

There will always be new platforms emerging for marketers to look into and master to stay ahead of the trends. Nevertheless, out of all of the different facets of digital marketing, social media tends to change with the most immediate and drastic results. Huge...

5 Closing Strategies During MCO

Everybody who sells should be able to understand the mechanism and master the manners of sealing a deal. Theoretically, learning how to close a sale is actually pretty elementary; fundamentally, you should show up prepared, give your pitch, answer your prospect’s...

如何借顾客&团队的力量 完成个人销售10M销售业绩

如何借顾客&团队的力量 完成个人销售10M销售业绩

很多在做着销售的职场人员都认为销售好难,自身能力进步很慢,或者是原地踏步,甚至是失败?为什么看了那么多的书和资料还是不能成功?当遇到问题时,还是采用潜意识的解决方法?而自己却始终找不到突破的方向 ?今天 IQI Eliteone 领导,Nathan Sia将与大家一起大家探讨一下房地产企业家应该如何做好销售。   Nathan Sia毕业于房地产科系,并且利用自己的学历优势在加入房地产的第二年里达到了惊人的一千万业绩,并且荣获了 IQI Eliteone的car subsidy奖励和home bonus!...



随着社交媒体的兴起,人们纷纷喜欢在社交媒体上展现自己的生活。在我看来,在社交媒体上展现你的生活是一把双刃剑,有利也有弊。运用不好社交媒体就会给你带来不堪设想的后果,所以我们很荣幸邀请到我们IQI Eliteone 四月的Top Sales,Cy Yong向我们分享他是如何运用Instagram来成交他身边的朋友,并且一分钱也不用花的的情况下赚取高达5-6位数的收入。  ...

如何有效的follow up

如何有效的follow up

荣幸邀请到 IQI Eliteone的领导 John Teh来到我们一星期一次的Eliteone Academy,在这一次的分享会当中,John Teh以他在房地产行业多年的经验为我们解析我们该如何从谈话当中筛选出优质顾客并且投放更多时间在他们身上并成交! John Teh毕业于生物医学系第一等荣誉学士。毕业后, 他加入一间国际药剂公司。当时月收入也高达五位数,但后来公司restructuring, 他看到一些年长的Senior被要求离开,这让John...



在高科技越来越发达的今天,无论你在世界任何一个角落,只要有一台电脑和网络,你都可以赚到钱,这不是神话,你可发现你身边的人都因为高科技赚到了钱?   我虽来自槟城,但却因为利用高科技带来的方便,我可以同时在槟城和吉隆坡销售房地产项目,简单的说,不管身在何处,只要有电脑和网络,就可以做销售了。   只要充分利用高科技的力量及做好收集潜在客户资料(Lead Generation)的功课,在销售时也上可说是事半功倍。在高科技的配搭下,我开始收集潜在客户资料的方法展开了高端市场的销售,结果取得不错的效果。  ...

有效设定目标 让你的业绩倍增

有效设定目标 让你的业绩倍增

在一次的线上访谈中,PeterLiew谈到了如何进入产业这个领域,当然也分享了他在这个行业成长的点点滴滴。   我从事房地产行业也有两年多的时间了,在进入这个行业之前,我也和许多刚大学毕业的年轻人一样,对未来充满希望和理想,希望踏入社会能够赚很多很多的钱。所以,也做过不少的工作,例如销售、促销、甚至还在一家保险代理公司当电话促销员。   当时我完全不知道房地产是可以赚很多钱的行业,直到我在这家保险代理公司从事电话促销后,我才开始给自己的未来作了思考。  ...

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